JVigil’s latest single ‘Blackout’ earns 4 out of 5 stars from G.W. Hill (music critic)
January 12, 2013

Dance music merges with R&B and electronica on this energetic and catchy number.  It’s music designed to get people up and on the dance floor and seems to be quite capable of that feat.  The electronic sounds that open the cut feel like something from Kraftwerk, but the vocals that come over the introduction bring the R&B to the table.  Then a short transition takes it into the song proper.  A driving rhythmic element and waves of varying keyboard sounds serve as the backdrop for the vocals.  The lyrics are risqué, but stay in the type of range that keeps it “clean.”  That’s kind of a rarity these days and earns this some respect.

There isn’t a lot of musical variation here.  Nor does it feel like there’s a lot of real “music” on display.  Of course, for the club/dance crowd, that’s not necessarily a negative, but rather the state of the industry.  It should be noted that while things like pitch perfect are somewhat industry standard, too, JVigil seems to play it clean.  That says he has a kind of voice that doesn’t need help.  It’s another point worth praise, particularly in the modern musical environment.

Overall, JVigil seems to have created a club/dance single that should work well in that environment.  He’s managed to do so without resorting to the type of foul language often put forth these days.  He’s also done it without artificial enhancement to his voice.  Both of those things earn him some serious respect and elevate this tune beyond a lot of its competition.  Whether one likes the genre or not, an artist who creates music without resorting to the “cheap and easy” tactics deserves recognition and JVigil is such an artist. It will be interesting to see what else this performer creates moving forward.

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